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What We Do

Pizza gathers a crowd ... a happy, smiling, ready to chow-down crowd! It's why so many love the convenience of popping a pizza into the oven. Our pizza and breadstick products deliver premium taste with the convenience of baking in your own home. So go ahead and have a party, invite your friends and neighbors to the best pizza around!

Pizza is what we do, and we will partner with you from the beginning to develop a product that is right for your store

Our expert bakers and knowledgeable product development team use their passion for perfection to manufacture custom products for some of the country's top retailers.

We are proud of our proven track record in developing product lines that fit the needs of grocery stores and foodservice customers. By using only the highest quality ingredients along with manufacturing flexibility, packaging design, and customized formulas, we are able to deliver a quality product to meet your needs while increasing your profitability.

Contact us today to see how Champion Foods can improve your current product line and increase your profitability with our unique products.

Making Pizza Dough
The Crust
Pizza Crusts

The Best Crust Period

Anyone can put toppings on a pizza. What set's us apart is our crust. We have been awarded multiple patents on our crust process and make all of our dough in house. We offer numerous sizes and configurations from traditional round crusts to breadsticks and deep-dish products.


Premium Toppings

We have created many unique offerings from pepperoni to pickles. We have a wide range of capabilities when it comes to toppings from custom sauces and multiple cheese varieties. We have relationships with many top ingredients suppliers. We will work with you to find a fit for your stores.

Detroit Style Supreme Pizza

Packaging Flexibility

We currently produce multiple packaging formats for our customers and are experts in both frozen and deli retail packaging. We also provide numerous foodservice packs for our customers.

Agile Distribution

With Champion Foods as your partner, we will deliver your order on time in full. Our centrally located facility and our many transportation partners ideally position us to efficiently ship coast to coast.

Champion Foods Building


Our state of the art facility and R&D center is well equipped to produce almost any type of pizza or breadstick product you can imagine. Our expert staff will partner with you to create a unique product for your stores.


Food Safety

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of food safety . We are USDA, and FDA inspected, FSMA-compliant, and have a comprehensive HACCP plan.

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